About Us

"Welcome to Chic by Taj, your ultimate destination for sophisticated fashion and timeless elegance. We curate a meticulously selected collection of clothing and accessories that embody the essence of modern luxury and effortless style. From statement pieces that command attention to classic staples that stand the test of time, our online store offers a curated selection that caters to the discerning tastes of fashion-forward individuals. Whether you're seeking the perfect ensemble for a special occasion or looking to elevate your everyday wardrobe, Chic by Taj is here to inspire and empower you to express your unique sense of style with confidence and grace. Join us on a journey of sartorial discovery, where every click brings you one step closer to achieving your style aspirations."


 We ship worldwide to our customers and offers free shipping in the U.S. on selected items all year round. Our excellent customer service is available to you 24/7 through email, facebook, instagram and phone at 1866-846-3280. Just connect with us on facebook, instagram and email us.